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Launch the Attendance Application This application is used by LDS Church Members to keep track of Sunday School Attendance
Launch the Membership Converter Application This application is used by LDS Church Members to retrieve attendance data from the Church web site.



Download (3.86Mb 26 pages) the Documentation for the Attendance Application as a pdf file.

Download (10Kb) the Test Data for the Attendance Application

get pictures of Mathematicians

Download (9 pages) the FAQ as a pdf file.


Download (2.22Mb 16 pages) the Documentation for the MembershipConverter Application as a pdf file.


Launch the Stake Directory Generator Application .





Digital Exedra Inc.

The following links launch Web Start Applications which will run under:

Launch GMT/UTC Time Check Java Application This application is an example of a program re-using the client resources, i.e. network, to retrieve the time from the NIST time server and redisplaying it in a different format. Doesn't do much, just displays the current time at the greenwich meridian.

Launch QuickPickApp Java Application This is not at all endorsed by any official loto company, and you have a better chance to be hit by a lightning while sitting in front of your computer than picking up a winning number. This is a pseudo random numbers serie that generates the same numbers every time from restart. Use the init button to use another part of the serie.However, if you believe that numbers that haven't shown up yet have a better chance next time (i.e. the bar in the top distribution is low), which is contrary to any statistical analysis, then you might find this helpful.Click select to pick up a new number.

Look at the generators in the menu bar and click the buttons to experiment with two different distributions.

If you want Digital Exedra Inc. to improve these programs send your comments to: info@digitalexedra.ca